June 23, 2021 Obsidia Musette Sage


June 23, 2021

The Book of Shadows Tarot

The Cards of the Day come from The Book of Shadows Tarot, as Above so Below decks. The current edition of these decks was printed in 2017, written by Barbara Moore, and produced by the renowned tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo. This compilation speaks to the Wiccan way of life and takes me back to where I began as a witch. I connected with this duo of decks immediately and find it amazing to work with. These cards show me what I need to be aware of spiritually (as Above) while working on my life in the mundane world (so Below). Using two decks in tandem is not something I have done much of, but I am really enjoying exploring how these decks work together.

as Above

Today in the spiritual realm, as Above, I pulled XV The Devil: Lammas from the as Above deck. This card is representative of the next Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year. Lammas is the first of the three harvests of the season and is all about drinking and making merry, for tomorrow is not for certain. The Sabbat associates with the god Pan, who thrives on debauchery. There are no real plans for the future at Lammas. This time of year marks the beginning of the reign of the Holly King and the reminder that soon the God dies and we are in darkness.

This associates with the parent of the card, The Devil, as we are constantly consuming, making poor choices, giving in to temptation, and living to excess. Speaking to the majority of our society, we are ruining our planet and thinking nothing of the generations to come. Those who strive to reduce carbon footprints, end climate change, and leave a healthier environment for our children and children’s children are blocked at every turn. The Devil took hold of our culture and we allowed ourselves the choice of the temptation of the here and now. To stop this we must examine and change our spiritual selves to comply with helping Gaia save Mother Earth.

so Below

In the mundane world, as Below, I pulled VII Strength. The Strength card is full of vast potential and all of the divine power we need is within our human selves. Knowing when to move forward and when to fall back is part of that power, as well as is testing limitations. Ultimately, Strength is achieved when we rest, regroup, and prepare for the next battle.

Put them together

In relation to the as Above card, The Devil, we must use our Strength and divine power to overcome the damage we have already done and the devastation that is to come. As a society, we all have to work together – the few and far between just are not good enough.

What do you think?

Do these two cards of the day speak to you personally? Do you have a more intimate interpretation of their meaning in relation to your life? What is your opinion of today’s reading? Leave your comments below!

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