Greetings and welcome to the site dedication page.

In early 2022, Obsidia, my sister witch, and I had put our concentrations into the podcast “Crones of the Wild Wasteland.”  Obsidia had this vision of educating the newbies and bringing back those who have stepped out of practice to the path.  She felt very strongly about this.

Unfortunately, in early May Obsidia crossed the veil suddenly while on a vacation.  I can’t tell you all how lost we all are without her in our lives.

Without her personality and drive, it was hard finding that “right” person to partner with.  I have found that person.  Actually two people, Lady Sonika and Amethyst Wolff.  You can read their bios on the home page.

Two months after her crossing, her husband of 25+ years joined her. The loss of Greg only added to the depth of the loss of Obsidia.

I have, with the guidance of Hecate, dedicated myself to the goal of making this blog and the podcast a success.

This blog is hereby dedicated to Obsidia and Greg.  The Goddess blessed us by bringing you two into our lives and broke our hearts when she called you home.  Rest in peace my dear friends.  So Mote it Be.