Obsidia’s Scrapbook

July 18, 2021 Obsidia Musette Sage

Obsidia’s Scrapbook

Hey, it’s Obsidia Musette here to introduce my series of “bujo” inspired scrapbook pages. I’ll give you a little history:

Bullet Journaling

I used to be super into bullet journaling. For those that don’t know what bullet journaling is, it was shared with the world by Ryder Caroll in 2013 by writing a book entitled The Bullet Journal Method. His bullet journal is a book of logs and collections that are meant to organize your life.


To begin bullet journaling, start by rapid logging, which is essentially creating a daily to-do list organized by a series of symbols (which are defined by a key at the beginning of the journal). Then create an entry that tells you the how, what, when, where, and why of what is to be done in a short, distinct phrase. Repeat. Once a task is completed, the symbol changes and if a task needs to be carried over to the next day, it is “migrated.”

The collections are most of the journals. These are usually lists of information to keep you organized, trackers to maintain habits or health information such as sleep or diet, and personal information that you might need at a moment’s notice.



Bullet journals (bujos) have obtained a cult following and have evolved into a type of planner/scrapbook. People all over the world have created colorful and artistic journals that contain everything from weekly planning, favorite quotes, lists of movies to see, and much more. Bullet journal supplies have become a mainstay for bujos, ranging from washi tape to stamps to elaborate pen and marker sets. People who bujo, particularly women, spend hours upon hours every week creating the perfect bujo pages to share with their online counterparts.


How I used to be

I used to be one of those women. Spending time buying supplies, planning, and creating, I became obsessed. I gathered ideas, shared my perfect pages, and compared my pages to others online. It was an obsession. This is when I had a life to plan out. I even had a witchy bujo where I compiled pages of pagan correspondences, moon phases, wheel of the year, and so on.

My Scrapbook

I no longer require a planner. My interest in my bujo fell by the wayside. I had challenges in my life that needed attention. Now, I have a little more time and my creatives juices are once again flowing. I have started creating more witchy “bujo” pages, as well as pages for the poetry I wrote and quotes I fell in love with.

My current bujo is more like a scrapbook. There is no planning. Collections do not exist. There are only topics that I find that spark my creativity. It has not become an obsession (yet!) and I am happy that I already have much of the supplies from my previous bujos. I have not joined any bujo groups online and I don’t find pages to compare with my own. I am free to create to my heart’s content.

Have a look!

I’d like to share these pages with you! Some are witchy, some are poetry, and some are just plain fun. I’ll be uploading all the pages I have done so far and keep your eyes peeled for future work. Comments are welcome and if you have a special request for a page, please let me know and I’d be happy to oblige. I hope you enjoy where my muses have taken me.

Blessed be,



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Obsidia Musette Sage

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