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August 20, 2021 Obsidia Musette Sage

Pagan Mentoring

When you want more

What happens when a solitary witch has done their homework and is ready to take the next step in their studies? They begin to look for a mentor to help them advance in their path and explore some of the more complex levels of pagan study.

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But should a witch seek a mentor, and where do they go about finding one? There are a few schools of thought regarding pagan mentors and if they are still a viable and valuable resource to solitary witches.

Seeking out covens

Witches who find themselves ready to take the next steps on their paths to wisdom and magic sometimes start to seek more knowledgeable individuals to help them along their way.


Some witches choose to seek out covens where there are multiple individuals to support them.

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This can be very beneficial; however, it can also be time-consuming, a waste of time, and sometimes dangerous.

The high priest/ess of a coven often requires a witch to join a study group where the prospect learns more about the coven, the basics about the tradition, and mingles with its members. This allows the group and the leaders to evaluate the prospect and see if they are a good fit for the coven. Unfortunately, the process of making this decision can take up to a year or more and if the prospect is rejected, they have lost a year of their life for nothing.

Dangers of covens

If the prospect is accepted, there could be the issues of the high priest/ess having narcissistic tendencies and possibly requiring the new member to perform acts that the member is not comfortable with, such as handing over large sums of money or sex acts. In extreme cases, the witch may have just signed over their life to the leader of a cult. It is imperative that an inquiring witch proceeds with extreme caution when committing to a coven so that these issues do not occur. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to ascertain these problems until it is too late.


Online Covens

Often, online covens are not as intrusive in the seeker’s day-to-day life. Similar to other covens, online covens frequently require a period of intense study before membership is granted and degrees are reached. Fortunately, the student usually works at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. The witch still needs to be cautious and because it is an online entity and must do the necessary research to ensure that they are dealing with an actually reputable coven.

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Solitary mentors

Solitary mentors are a lot harder to find. Some pagan elders hide away from general witchy seekers because of bad experiences. For example, a solitary mentor pours their heart and soul into creating lessons. Because there is no one single path to enlightenment, but instead whatever is right for the individual, there is no concrete manual for teaching a student. Consequently, the mentor puts together units based on what path they have chosen, often being sure to cover other schools of thought. Then the mentor finds that the student is not interested in enlightenment after all.

Building a relationship with a student can cause heartbreak when it is discovered that the student’s motives are not pure. Perhaps the prospect just wants to try the new fad or shock their families and friends with a controversial path. These elders often feel hurt and taken advantage of and decide not to take on any new students in the future.

Sincere Solitary Mentors

However, there are those solitary mentors that are happy to take on students.

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These elders believe that passing on the knowledge of the spiritual path is worth the risk involved. Finding one of these mentors can prove so satisfying and help the student to grow spiritually and as an individual.

Tough to find someone to teach solitary witches

It is difficult to find these types of individuals. Connecting with elders who are looking to mentor a student seems overwhelming, but by putting yourself out there in the pagan community, you are sure to meet the right teacher. They say that the right mentor will come to the right student at the right time. You just need to be patient. To speed up the process, you can use common ways to expose yourself to other pagans through social media, devoted pagan websites, and public events.

Finding peers

Social media can be a positive way to meet other pagans and gain knowledge. There are many pagan-related groups on https://www.facebook.com/. https://www.paganspace.com is a devoted pagan social media website that provides guilds that discuss all types of pagan topics. There is even a live pagan chat so that you can talk with others from around the world. PaganSpace also has a mobile app for your convenience.

Seeking answers

Another way to ask questions, receive quality answers, and possibly meet like-minded people is through https://www.reddit.com. At Reddit, there are many sub-categories that cover everything from the occult to pagan art to witchcraft. You are sure to find something there that suits your needs.

Real-life mentors

At https://www.meetup.com you can connect with other pagans in your area as well. Live events, such as your local annual Pagan Pride Day, can be a wonderful resource for meeting pagans up close and personal in your area.

Do you need a mentor?

Some more experienced pagans are of the opinion that mentors are not needed and can even cause issues for the young pagans. This is because they feel that teaching one path is not beneficial, but instead narrow-minded and egotistical. The student only gets a slice of the pagan pie as opposed to the whole spectrum of what is available to them. It is also possible that the mentor is teaching incorrect information, which the student would not be aware of.

Elders of this opinion also suggest finding social media groups where students discuss their findings in educational forums and learn along with their peers. These older pagans are possibly against one-to-one learning because they had a bad experience or are reluctant to put in the time and effort that it takes to properly teach a prospect.

Book learning

These elders recommend that the student read as many books as they can get their hands on to get a reputable education. Reading pagan books is always a good way to educate yourself. Some books that I recommend for someone who has already gained basic knowledge and is looking for more would be Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, Witchcrafting by Phyllis Curott, and The Inner Temple of Witchcraft and The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, both by Chris Penczak.

Not all solitary mentors are the same

Not all solitary mentors negatively impact their students. Also checking out social media and blogs about topics you’d like to learn is beneficial. However, be sure that you keep your learning in check and recognize when someone is feeding you a line of BS. That is where the book learning comes in – you can vet the information you’ve received.

Questions or recommendations?

If you decide you need a mentor, weigh the options carefully. Do you want someone in your area that you can meet with and build a live, personal relationship with? Do you want to join a coven and the rules that come with it? Would you rather find an online coven or an elder online so that working at your own pace is a possibility? Or is learning from your peers on social media more your style? If you found a mentor by one of these methods, is it a path you recommend? What do you suggest instead? On your path to finding a pagan mentor is challenging, so feel free to leave comments below to start a discussion regarding finding the elder for you.


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