What I found on Pinterest

August 14, 2021
August 14, 2021 DesertJen

Greetings Witchlings and welcome to my new series:  What I found on Pinterest.

I freely admit I am a Pinterest addict.  Need inspiration for a spell, Pinterest.  Need a recipe, Pinterest.  Need a craft tutorial or inspiration.  Pinterest.  Bored (or lazy, not doing what I’m supposed to be doing):  yup, Pinterest.

I have found Pinterest to be the “Great Book of Shadows.”  When I am researching for an article, Pinterest is my starting point.  I wade through the massive amount of information, weeding out what is either untrue or misleading, and reading/pinning the rest so I can go back and check my facts.

Since I spend so much time on Pinterest (a safe haven for me away from the chaos of other social media providers) I decided to create this regular post sharing what I found on Pinterest that may be of interest to the Witchlings that actually read our blog.  Obsidia has been busy writing her Haikus, with her latest being on the Elements.  Thus, today’s Pinterest share contains what I have collected on our Pinterest page regarding the elements.  Got you cuppa of joe or tea?  Ok, let’s go:

Book of Shadows Board

That’s it for this first of a new series.  I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something about the elements from the original authors.

Let me know below in the comments how you work with the elements.  Are they are regular part of your practice?  Are you drawn to one more than the other?

Peace Out Witchlings.


The Great Basin Crone, DesertJen, has been a practicing pagan for 20 years. She does not identify with any belief system, although she feels a strong calling to explore, investigate, and practice using her Celtic roots. She also practices Kitchen and Green witchery through her love of cooking and gardening, using herbs, plants, and anything that comes from the earth in her craft. She has many hobbies, which include creating through polymer clay and her Cricut. She also has the pleasure of nurturing and caring for her grandbaby while the baby’s parents are at work. Animals are extremely important to DesertJen, as she has an elderly lab, an old husky, and a young black Manx that is missing her tail (who keeps the old Crone on her toes!). DesertJen shares her life with her mother in the Nevada high desert of the Great Basin, where they love to watch the moon rise.