Beltane Spotlight: Moon Phase

March 28, 2021
March 28, 2021 DesertJen

On May 1, the wheel turns again and we will be celebrating Beltane.  Beltane, being one of the four major sabbats on the Wheel of the Year, is when the veil again thins.  Our magical workings can be powerful and effective.  It will be particularly important to use this moon phase for Beltane. 

Gibbous Waning Moon 

The phase for Beltane this year is a Gibbous Waning moon.  The basic definition of Gibbous waning moon is the time between half and third quarter of the waning moon (moon heading into the dark moon, growing smaller). Magical workings during the waning moon usually include banishing (removing) negative habits, people, or emotions.  Protection magic is another widely used by practioners during the gibbous waning moon. 


Beltane is a sabbat of joy.  Weddings, bonfiresmaypoles, flowers, all are indications we need to blow off the cold and stagnant winter and open our hearts to new life.  Traditional Beltane rituals usually revolve around blessings for the abundance, fertility, the May Queen, and general joyous gatherings. 

More modern rituals such as in the wiccan tradition involve the marriage of the May Queen and the Green Man bringing forth the fertility to all. 

By Thomas Bresson – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23539086

Moon Phase and Beltane Magic 

The moon phase is all about protection and banishment.  Beltane is all about abundance and fertility.  Slight adjustments in your spell writing or ritual writing can bring to the two together.   

My own personal saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”   


You have a bad habit you want to banish.  The moon phase is perfect for this.  Let us use clutter collection as an example.  Your house is always cluttered and you are sometimes embarrassed by this and truly want to change.   

Write your ritual around banishing the habits that contribute to the clutter: watching too much tv, too much video game playing, etc.  In return, ask the energies that Beltane brings to assist you in creating an abundance of new habits, joy in life not provided in those dark habits that have you neglecting the house creating chaos (clutter).  Be joyful in your request for inspiration.  Show that you are truly receptive to the abundance of the season and you will work with any inspiration thrown your way.  Make the request from your heart and soul.  Rejoice as you send that request out to the Goddess.  Dance around the maypole, go out and pick some spring time flowers, make a flowered headband to wear, enjoy the day.   

At some point before the new moon, you should have some sort of inspiration pop into your head.  Be watchful for it.  It might come in a dream, it might come in just a thought, it might come in the form of a certain saying you find in a book.  The Goddess is sneaky about providing the inspiration you need.  She needs to know you are true in your intent and are actively assisting yourself in banishing the lifestyle changes needed to bring order from chaos. 


Ask the Goddess or Universe for inspiration to change.  She will be more receptive to you asking for inspiration versus asking her to do it for you.  She wants to see you work for it and that you are actively working on banishing the unwanted habits.  She is more than willing to provide you with insight to find the tools necessary to accomplish your desire.  Always keep that in mind when writing spells or rituals.   

The possibilities are endless in joining the moon phase of protection and the abundance energies of Beltane.  You have a month to work on the request.  Look deep inside yourself and see what needs to change.  What needs to leave (moon phase), and what needs to be done to keep the changes active (Beltane’s abundance).  The work has to come from you.  Allow her to show you the tools for a successful summer. 

Did this article help you?  How do you plan on celebrating Beltane in 2021?  Let us know below in the comments.  Who knows, you may be the inspiration the Goddess is providing to another person. 


The Great Basin Crone, DesertJen, has been a practicing pagan for 20 years. She does not identify with any belief system, although she feels a strong calling to explore, investigate, and practice using her Celtic roots. She also practices Kitchen and Green witchery through her love of cooking and gardening, using herbs, plants, and anything that comes from the earth in her craft. She has many hobbies, which include creating through polymer clay and her Cricut. She also has the pleasure of nurturing and caring for her grandbaby while the baby’s parents are at work. Animals are extremely important to DesertJen, as she has an elderly lab, an old husky, and a young black Manx that is missing her tail (who keeps the old Crone on her toes!). DesertJen shares her life with her mother in the Nevada high desert of the Great Basin, where they love to watch the moon rise.

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