Integrating Witchiness into Your Life

June 2, 2023
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June 2, 2023 DesertJen

Greetings!! This article offers suggestions on integrating witchiness into your life.  Sometimes we let our everyday mundane overshadow why we became witches.

The following is a companion piece to Crones of the Wild Wasteland’s podcast on this subject.  I highly recommend you listen to the podcast episode “Integrating the Craft into your Life {season 2, episode 4}”

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One thing we live with every day is our décor.  It is important that you feel comfortable and at ease with your surroundings.

What kind of décor calls to you?  Shabby Chic, Victorian, Farmhouse, Coastal, Bohemian, or Witchy?  While researching this I found that a search for “witchy décor” on Youtube came back with a decent amount of videos.   I looked at several under the search term “witchy diy décor” and got some great ideas on my redecorating the house.  I have a budget of maybe $50, so most will be DIY with existing materials.

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash


Wrap some stones with wire and hang them from the window.  The cost of the wire needed for wire wrapping is generally under $5 at places like JoAnn’s.   You can also create areas around the house with the stones laid out in a pattern such as a sigil.  Or just display them.


Once you choose your style, your local thrift store will be your friend.  First off, find curtains you like.  If you are the crafty person, cheap white sheets can be made into colorful curtains with your own designs.  All you need are the bedsheets (flat not fitted), some washable glue, and dye.   Here is a link to some instructions.  I personally cannot wait to try this.

Seasonal Altar

Your seasonal altar is one great way to incorporate your witchiness into your décor.  Find a small table or shelf and add appropriate items.  If you are going to use this as your official altar, be sure to cleanse it.


I don’t think I need to say much about candles.  However, if you are into crafts, candle making can be a fun activity, although a bit spendy.  By adding your energies into your hand made candles will greatly assist in any candle magic you perform.  Link


Personally, I’m not the type of person who is going to take an antique given to me by a relative and rework it.  I will, however, find something cheap at a yard sale or thrift store and rework it into some type of witchy décor.  Link


OMG where do I start.  Again, YOUTUBE and PINTEREST for inspiration.  All the things you can do with a simple grapevine wreath is mind blowing.  Decorate it Goth with black silk flowers and leaves.  Make a pentacle using twine and the grapevine wreath.  Polymer clay is another great source of using your creativity.  The clay is relatively inexpensive (around $3 per 2 oz block) and don’t feel you need to go out and get all kinds of tools.  You can find most the tools you need in your kitchen drawers or in your craft room.  The list is endless.  Let your creativity explode with using crafts to decorate.

Image by Mirella from Pixabay

Another craft is repurposing wine bottles.  You need your bottles, rubbing alcohol to clean the glass, napkins or tissue paper, watered down white glue, paint brushes, black acrylic paint or splurge on a can of black spray paint, and air dry clay.  I have included links on the episode post on the blog.  Use other glass jars to make other glass decorations such as an apothecary display.

Thrift Store

The thrift store is this witch’s best friend.  Vases to decorate, cigar boxes to upcycle to hold your tarot cards or become a manifestation box, wooden spoons to make a pentagram, wine glasses to make your own chalice.  The ideas are endless.  As I write this, I am listening to a YouTube video, “Practice witchcraft on budget | witchy thrift haul | Free witchcraft” on The witches’ cookery channel.  I’m really enjoying this video.  Just remember to cleanse previously owned items to make sure no left over energy follows you home.

Mini-Alter for Work

Most people are very tolerant of people with different ideals.  There are, however, those who are aggressive towards anything outside their vision of what the world should be.  Because of their hypocrisy (I can flash mine but not you attitude) any form of religious display is strongly discouraged or banned.  I personally agree with the restrictions on blatant display of religion in the workplace.  With that said, I created a “mini-altar” to look at when things got tough around the office and was discreet and looked like simple decor.  I took a vase with rocks on the bottom, I then placed a small clay oil diffuser goddess figurine and stood it up in the rocks.  I added silk vines and flowers, pretty sticks, etc.  It was perfect, discreet, and helpful when office politics or raging hormones would darken the day.

Living the Life

Many out there find one of the best ways of bringing the craft into our daily lives is to start the day with either meditation or affirmations.  I find affirmations easier to do every morning after my glass of water.  First, and most important of all, all affirmations need to be positive and in an active voice.  Examples:

  • What I envision, I become.
  • My anxiety is under control.
  • My visualization has already become reality.
  • I am worthy of _____________.
  • I am motivated and strong.
  • I am protected at all times.

Other things you can do throughout the day:

  • Draw a daily tarot or oracle card and record it.
  • Learn something new during the day. It can be witchy or not.  Just keep learning.
  • Soak in the sky, day and night. Watch the clouds like you did as a kid and see the pictures created by mother nature.  Look at the stars and moon at night.
  • Put your intent into your morning water and the meals you prepare. Stir the pot clockwise, as you add herbs and spices, verbalizing the intent.  You need not verbalize out loud, just remember, what we think, is.
  • Listen to some witchy music.
  • Make a manifestation box


Has this helped?  Do you have ideas that work with you and want to share?  Leave me a comment.

Until next time, stay warm, stay safe, and stay weird my witchlings.


The Great Basin Crone, DesertJen, has been a practicing pagan for 20 years. She does not identify with any belief system, although she feels a strong calling to explore, investigate, and practice using her Celtic roots. She also practices Kitchen and Green witchery through her love of cooking and gardening, using herbs, plants, and anything that comes from the earth in her craft. She has many hobbies, which include creating through polymer clay and her Cricut. She also has the pleasure of nurturing and caring for her grandbaby while the baby’s parents are at work. Animals are extremely important to DesertJen, as she has an elderly lab, an old husky, and a young black Manx that is missing her tail (who keeps the old Crone on her toes!). DesertJen shares her life with her mother in the Nevada high desert of the Great Basin, where they love to watch the moon rise.

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