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October 2, 2022
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October 2, 2022 DesertJen

Love spells, the bane of witchy ethics everywhere.  “I love him so much; I need him back.”  “She’s just mistaken, she really loves me, not him.”  “Lordy they are good lookin’, just a little push my way won’t hurt.”

My ethics say each of these intentions are not kosher.  Bending my will onto someone else, without their permission is not something I do on a regular basis.  Although there are times when a witch must decide to break the ethical quandary, I personally try to avoid the backlash from the universe as much as possible.  I will, however, refrain from criticizing those whose ethics say otherwise.  This is one of the things to drew me down this path.  It is our personal ethics, not the ethics dictated by a larger community.

Do I believe in Love Spells?  When not directed at one person, yes.  You want love in your life, and you are READY for love in your life, opening up to the universe can be beneficial.  My belief is the Universe (Goddess, God, other) will debate the request and intent.

I divide love spells into two distinct categories:  Love and Lust.  Either way, be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

Herbs, Colors, and Stones to Assist

When using herbals in spells like these, I like to burn them on a charcoal disk.  The smoke drifts off to the universe carrying its intention.  If you decide for an extra “umph,” you can burn the paper from the spell with the herbs on the charcoal.  Stones can be charged in the smoke of the herbs and carried with you.  Make them into a necklace, put them into a cloth bag (pink or red, depending on intent) that goes with you.  Another way to prepare the herbs and stones is by placing them into a small glass container to be carried in your pocket.

What herbs should you use?  Again, it depends on your intent.

For bringing love into your life, are you asking for:   romantic or compassionate love, or are you just looking to get lucky with a lust spell?

Compassionate love can be love of family, the love of friendship, or the warm compassionate love of a mate.  In a world that has been isolated like the recent past, there is nothing wrong with opening up and saying to the universe, “Hey, I’m here.  I need some friendly, compassionate relationships in my life.”

For compassionate love, think Pink.  Pink candles, rose quartz, pink roses, pink carnations.  Other colors or herbs to try are lavender, cinnamon, and maybe some peppermint to help with a little luck.  As for stones, in addition to rose quartz, some rhodonite to help connect the heart and mind.

For passion or lust, think Red.  Red candles, red carnations, red roses, red apples, jasmine, and peppermint.  Asafoetida is a powerful herb for lust.  Beware, it is known as Devil’s Dung for a reason.  It smells like … Devil’s dung.  I would suggest using it outside or in a well-ventilated space while arousing the universe’s attention.

Do some research via the internet or your public library to learn how to put your intent into the objects you are using in your spell.  With the herbs, grind them in a pedal and mortar envisioning your intent.  Coffee grinders work too as long as you are getting your intent infused with the herbs.  I am a Dorothy Morrison fan, especially her book, Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living.  In my humble opinion, there is no reason you cannot use modern conveniences in your magic.

You can combine the herbs for a single burning, or you can add them individually at appropriate times in your spell.  This is where research really helps.  Know exactly what each herb represents so you may integrate adding the appropriate herb onto the charcoal.

The Words

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know how I feel about writing spells for others.  Isn’t something I want to do or will do.  It has to come from you, from your heart, from your wisdom.  I am in no way criticizing those who write spells for others.  It is just my own personal code.  I suggest an intensive google search or a search through your collection of witchy books.  One of my favorite books for getting a jump start on how to word a spell is Judika Illes book Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells.   Remember, to read is to learn.

When writing your spell, be specific in what you have in mind.  Picture the ideal mate, including physical, emotional, mental traits, and your generalized wants in a relationship.  Once you have the traits for your ideal partner, begin writing your spell.  I always like to make my spells sound like poetry.  I have to think longer and harder at the intent.  If you are a beginner, you will learn your own style after going through the process several times.

If you want to use the day of the week, Friday is the day of love.  Or you can mix in the moon phase, with the new moon, waxing, or full moon all being appropriate.

We all deserve a little love.  Most importantly, we need to love ourselves also.  Any one of these techniques can be manipulated to cast a spell of self-love on yourself.

Have I helped?  Please let me know if you would like to see more articles like this on spell writing for specific intentions in the comments below.


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The Great Basin Crone, DesertJen, has been a practicing pagan for 20 years. She does not identify with any belief system, although she feels a strong calling to explore, investigate, and practice using her Celtic roots. She also practices Kitchen and Green witchery through her love of cooking and gardening, using herbs, plants, and anything that comes from the earth in her craft. She has many hobbies, which include creating through polymer clay and her Cricut. She also has the pleasure of nurturing and caring for her grandbaby while the baby’s parents are at work. Animals are extremely important to DesertJen, as she has an elderly lab, an old husky, and a young black Manx that is missing her tail (who keeps the old Crone on her toes!). DesertJen shares her life with her mother in the Nevada high desert of the Great Basin, where they love to watch the moon rise.

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