Mother’s Day Magic

May 9, 2021 Obsidia Musette Sage

Happy Mother’s Day!

What better way to pass the time on Mother’s Day than by calling upon the Earth mother Gaia to cast protection over your hearth and home? This is something I did today and it went so well I think I may make it an annual thing.

Mother’s Day Magic

The spell takes a little pre-planning before weaving your Mother’s Day magic. I have been collecting the ashes from my incense sticks for a while knowing I may need them for witchery such as this.

The Details

Down to the working. On my Mother’s Day, I took a little quiet time to ground and center myself. I needed to be calm, cool and collected. Then, I dumped my incense ashes into my

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

mortar (the bowl – I know, I can never remember either!). To this, I added a generous helping of sea salt. I started grinding the magical substances together, moving deosil, making my version of black salt. Since I only ever light incense sticks to help lighten the mood, fragrance the air, or to help someone in the house feel better, I consider the ashes from my incenses to contain positive energy. Thus, I guess you could call this my positivity salt. As I worked, I started to envision a boatload of energy coming from Gaia and surrounding my home in a shatterproof bubble. When I say, “coming from Gaia,” the image in my mind is the energy coming from all points known and unknown to me on the Earth and collecting in a sphere that covers my home above ground level and below. As I ground and envisioned, I also chanted, “Mother Gaia, bless and protect my home and family. May only positive energy enter here.” I know, not much of a rhyme, but it was on the fly. When I felt that my Mother’s Day magic was complete, I finished the spell with, “This is my will, so mote it be.”

Then I took my positivity salt to the outer entrances of my home and sprinkled it in the doorways. Again I proclaimed that only positive energies may gain entry. I also scattered some salt on the top of my front porch stairs for some added insurance.

On to the Festivities…

When my magical working for Mother’s Day was done, I felt lighter and more positive myself, ready to face the day! Not that facing the day with my family is a chore, mind you, but a little extra oomph can go a long way! Happy Mother’s Day from the Pagans of the Wild Wastlands!

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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