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September 10, 2022
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September 10, 2022 Sonika

I have been asked to explain the statement in my profile that I walk the red path and what does that mean within the craft. Simply put, it means I do not only adhere to the Celtic path, but I also adhere to the Native American path.

What does this Mean?

In my family I have two very strong belief systems, one being the Celtic path, the other is the Native American belief system.  When compared, you will find the Native American path and the Celtic path parallel each other.  Both have a great respect for nature, both have great respect for Spirit, both have a great respect for their Clan, the clan leaders, and their people. This being said, it does not mean the Native American path and the Celtic path have the same gods or share the same practices.

Red Path

In the Red path, the shamans or the medicine men are the main characters. They are the ones that govern what a tribe does during the changing of the seasons or when a situation occurs that cannot be explained within the tribe. The medicine men or shamans will retreat into their solitary rituals to find clarity or signs to remedy the situation.  This may be done at the request of the leader or warriors of the tribe.  The medicine man will refer to his rituals and sometimes take himself away from the tribe to find a deeper connection to the aspect he is searching for. Again, this is done in the same basic manner if there is indication of evilness running around the tribe as evil spirits (such as wendigos or skinwalkers).

Celtic Path

In the Celtic tradition and some of the older traditions, an oracle, a witch, or crone would be sought out. The chieftain or the clan leader will ask if there are certain things that need to be performed within the clan to successfully resolve the issue.  In this aspect both are much the same as both were governed by what was predicted or said by the healer, crone, oracle or witch.


Both the Native American path and the Celtic path relied upon their teachers, their healers, their witches or crones, or oracles.  They governed how the tribe or the clan would react. Both would teach the clan or the tribe the meanings of spirits or the meaning of being a community that relies on one another. They also taught aspects of herbs (medicine) and were the tellers of the historical stories. All this contributed to the function of the tribe or the clan.

This is why I chose to not only incorporate my Celtic beliefs but also embrace my Native American beliefs. For this is not only the red path that I love and respect, but it is also the Celtic path that I embrace and respect.

If you have any questions, please don’t be shy to ask in the comments.  This is how we learn and we grow.


Another of our new contributors is a fellow crone, Sonika. She has been a practicing witch for over 40 years. Even though she was born with her abilities, she freely admits she has only mastered some later in life. Sonika has been high priestess for three covens. She follows many paths but identifies mostly with the Celtic and the Native American Red path. She lives in the Pacific Northwest coastal region and loves to walk in nature as much as possible. She has two children and loves them both with all her heart. Sonika’s children are grown now and have lives of their own. For the last four years she has fought and beat cancer. She says “I’m still very much connected to the craft and to my crafty people now that I’ve got a second chance, I intend to be as crafty as I can possibly be. I guess that’s all you could say about me nice to have met you all.”

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